Design as Art by Bruno Munari

“The name ‘useless machine’ lends itself to many interpretations. I intended these objects to be thought of as machines because they were made of a number of movable parts fixed together. Indeed, the famous lever, which is only a bar of wood or iron or other material, is nevertheless a machine, even if a rudimentary one. They are useless because unlike other machines they do not produce goods for material consumption, they do not eliminate labour, nor do they increase capital. Some people declared that on the contrary  they were extremely useful because they produced goods of a spiritual kind (images, aesthetic sense, the cultivation of taste, kinetic information, etc.) Others confused these useless machines, which belongs to the world of aesthetics, with the comic machines I invented during my student days with the sole purpose of making my friends laugh………….. “

-excerpted from Bruno Munari’s Design as Art  on ‘Preface: The Useless Machine’

Macchine Inutili

“In the 30s and 40s “Macchine Inutili” (Useless Machines) series, for example, Munari created three-dimensional structures made of simple geometrical figures hung together with thin ropes: these machines didn’t have any internal power and their only possible “work” was undulating in the wind while the user was left contemplating their uselessness.”

Source: Link

reported by Kiera


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