Questions | Design Academy Eindhoven

Design Academy Eindhoven is asking questions!  Using the site as a platform, people can relate to the whole notion of questioning (the theme for their exhibition 2010), by asking them. You can type anything inside the box with the black border located on the top, and your questions will appear on the site. (nope, they will not be answered though) An example shown above: “what is-this about?!?” was typed in, and appeared in green on the mini thumbnail located on the left. You can go check it out here and ask away~!

This exhibition (a compilation of works by graduated students) addressed a number of issues asked in the form of questions through design solutions.

Questions are behind everything.

What Questions are we facing?

What is the role of the designer today?

What are the future roles of the designer?

What are we focusing on?


Some of the design solution/ execution done by the students answering to their own questions. In various form of medium, more can be found @ the Design Academy’s website . (click under ‘Events’)

reported by Kiera


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