One on One with Patrick aka Layangman

One on One with Patrick aka Layangman

by Alvin Ong

Who is Patrick aka Layangman?

‘At Layangman’s Kiteshop, we aim to provide kiters the best in quality, value and services. Layangman is owned by Patrick Tan, an avid kite flier since 1992. With his vast experience in stunt kites as well as single liners, this is not just a kite shop but a place where kiters gathers to “talk shop” about kites at our very own forums.’ – Insert  From Layangman’s Online Kiteshop

From his online shop ‘Layangman’s Online Kiteshop’ you know that Patrick Tan aka Layangman has small little kite shaped blood cells flowing through his veins because his online shop is more than just a place where you can buy kites, delve a little deeper and you find a forum with many dedicated kite enthusiasts and who made it possible for these enthusiasts to gather? Patrick of course. With passion and guts made from solid steel he gave up his day job to pursue what he wanted to do, fly and share the joy of kite flying to the masses.

Patrick shows the crowd how to cut solid bamboo with a blunt pocket knife.


My interview with Patrick:

Me: How old were you when you started flying kites?

Patrick: In my late 20’s.

Me: Did you get addicted from the get -go?

Patrick: Yes, the moment I started flying stunt kites I was addicted.

Me: So out of all the different kites currently in the market your favourite type of kite would be stunt kites?

Patrick: Yes.

Me: I haven’t flown kites much but I am interested in fighting kites, however it seems not many people are interested in fighting kites in Singapore, why?

Patrick: Well, to fly fighting kites you would have to go to Lorong Halus because fighting kites are dangerous only Lorong Halus has a large open and high area but because Lorong Halus is right next to a dump site people tend to not go there.

Me: What did you do before you got into kiting?

Patrick: I was working in some local company.

Me: Was it  tough to retire early to pursue kiting full time?

Patrick: Yes, very hard and that’s why I’m only semi-retired.

Me: Why did you start Layangman’s Kiteshop?

Patrick: Well there was a store that sold kites at marina but the rental was too high so I started something small scale for people who liked to fly kites.

Me: I’ve noticed there’s roughly 100 people who are active in your forums, is this relative to the scale of kiting in Singapore?

Patrick: No, many people who fly kite don’t like to go on the net.

Me: Is business booming?

Patrick: Yes.

Me: You also host kite workshops, do you get many calls?

Patrick: Yes. I get many calls especially during school holidays and I also get calls from companies who are looking for group bonding activities.

Me: It seems the kite scene in Singapore is pretty large, will it get even bigger in the future?

Patrick: Yes. There are a lot more people flying kites now and it’s become a trend.

Me: Thanks a lot for your time Patrick

Patrick: Sure, no problem.



Patrick using a force unknown to make things fly.

Explaining one of the many mysteries behind kites to an awed crowd.


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