Seeing The Kites Again | Wu Guanzhong, Singapore Art Museum

Seeing the Kites Again, Wu Guanzhong
Runs through 14 December 2010
Singapore Art Museum

Kites Seen Again 又见风筝, 2003, Oil on canvas, 61 x 46cm

In 2008, Chinese artist Wu Guanzhong donated 113 of his important works to the National Heritage Board, Singapore. This is the highest-value donation ever given to a public museum institution in Singapore. An internationally eminent artist, Wu is best known for marrying the distinct art form of traditional Chinese ink with modern concepts in Western art. Recently published as a seven-volume anthology, Wu’s writings provide deep insights into his aesthetics and art practice.Showcasing 22 paintings from the donation, Seeing the Kites Again is an exhibition inspired by Wu’s metaphor of the kite. Since the 1960s, Wu Guanzhong has produced a great number works, based on his personal recollections. These works are centred around his home in the South of China, his childhood, as well as the villages and towns he has been to. His interest in life and his attention to ordinary scenes, infuse his art with an aesthetic quality that demonstrates a return to simplicity.

This show is a special research exhibition by the National Art Gallery, Singapore, held on the premises of the Singapore Art Museum.

Father of Modern Chinese Painting Wu Guanzhong

Reported by Jane

One Response to “Seeing The Kites Again | Wu Guanzhong, Singapore Art Museum”
  1. wend says:

    Glad you went! I walked by it everyday and I still haven’t found the opportunity to go! 😦

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