Until the Sun Rises, Emmanuel Guillaud | SAM 8Q

Reported by Jane

Singapore Art Museum at 8Q

Moving Image Gallery, Level 2

5-16 Jan 2011

Until the Sun Rises by Emmanuel Guillaud is a photographic installation comprising projected images taken in fringe areas that, at night, become a theatre of shadows, searching and endless waiting.

All pictures have been taken in places where at night men wander, look for each other, wait. In the daytime, these are parks, school fronts, mansion car parks. At night, they become a temporary ghetto whose inhabitants wander alone, hoping for some chance encounter. They say they come for a no-strings thrill, but what most really want is warmth, a hug or some kind of communication.

Relationship in Art & Education

“The 2011 Fringe Festival’s questions what kind of impact Art can have on our society and on our education processes. Although very successful didactic or provocative works do exists, I am inclined towards indirect approaches. If art can play a role in everyone’s education process, I believe it is less about transmitting any kind of message than about triggering thought processes, as well as uncovering new possibilities.”

Through its setting, its editing and other parameters, the work aims at letting visitors play with their own imagination; it lets them rearrange, interpret and associate the work based on their own concerns, memories, obsessions. In this process, impact may some from a silent but actual dialogue created.

Actual Exhibition is darker than this…

I was wondering if the shadow in the picture is of a person standing in front of a screen or is he really in the setting?

Personally what amazes me is the amount of depth pictures can portray through the way the entire exhibition was exhibited.

Walking into a dark room with 3 projectors set at different lengths and angles from where I was standing allows me to feel as though I was in the picture itself.

I remember a picture of a dark alley. Just standing in front of the projector made me feel like I was walking through the alley. It felt as though something was going to happen. Extremely exhilarating.

I love the intent of his settings. Probably because I am a fan of places where people don’t usually go. Places that are going to be destroyed or abandoned. Though such places are silent, but I can feel presence of the past, of a certain memory and an emotional feeling. I see these common emotions while I was in this exhibition.

If something so still and 2 dimensional can evoke imagination, memories and even feelings… People will definitely remember the experience.


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