Mathematiques modernes, Ariel Hassan | Art Stage

Reported by: Ella Flores

Artist: Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook

Origin: 100 Tonson Gallery; Bangkok, Thailand.

Title: Can Gogh’s The Midday Sleep 1889-90 and the Thai villagers, 2008

Last January 15, I visited the Art Stage exhibition situated at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Art Stage is Asia’s new top international fair that presented over 100 of the very best galleries from the Asia Pacific. My mom was lucky enough to be granted VIP access to the event. But because she wasn’t much fond of art, she passed me the great opportunity instead.

The moment I stepped into the exhibition, I became extremely ecstatic to see great artists and designers join together to exhibit their marvelous works. The whole atmosphere was very much lively, together with the explosion of colours from the many paintings around the room.  Sometimes, I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on other audiences viewing the pieces and listen to how they judge an artist’s work. There were many designs that deeply inspired me, and those that could hopefully help me in excelling on my future projects as well.


Artist: Ariel Hassan

Origin: Greenway Art Gallery; Adelaide, Australia

Title: Mathematiques modernes, 2010

It was a floor-based installation that affected people’s perception of the area. It intends to capture the tension of the transitional state between life and death. He said that his inspiration came from the experience of looking into a mirrored box, and how we are deceived as a hidden image overcomes our reflection.  His work proposed that out true identity lies outside our personal domain.


Artist: Takashi Kuribayashi

Origin: Gallery Tagboat; Tokyo, Japan

Title: Wald aus Wald (Forest from Forest), 2010

A forest was constructed from a traditional handmade Japanese paper, and I was invited to enter the installation with the forest floor above my head. In this paper floor, holes have been torn out through which we can observe the forest from an insect’s perspective. Together with the faint mist, I felt that I was somehow transported to a delightful secret place. It was truly a fun experience.

As a young designer, I thought this exhibition was a very fruitful one. I got to learn a lot more about art and the construction of a meaningful design. I learned how to take a second look at every work, and take it in differently from the first. Design is truly boundless, and hopefully I could apply this knowledge in my future projects.

Next stop for me? Probably the Singapore Art Museum for the Collectors Stage.


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