Void:Utopia, Lim Shengen| SAM

M1 Fringe Festival 2011 Presents:

Artist: Lim Shengen (Singapore)
Date: 5 – 16 January 2011
Time: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Fridays: 10am – 9pm
Venue: Auditorium, Level 2, Singapore Art Museum

Utopia is the second installment of a trilogy of photographic installations presenting stasis and simulated reality as part of the Void series. The work is about an understanding and interpretation of photography as a tool to recreate reality in the form of a seemingly natural landscape environment within an enclosed space. Utopia attempts to allow the viewer to be engulfed in the experience of the photographic installation by walking through and getting in contact with an environment made up of projected still images onto smoke. The artificial environment created by overhead projectors, seeks to question the nature of photography, a question based on the meaning of the word, in which Photo means light and graph means to draw. The work therefore aims to expend the boundaries of traditional camera and print. Utopia attempts to educate on the understanding and acceptance of photography as something that can exist outside the boundaries of the camera or print. It remains however, a creation that fits the literal meaning of the word, drawing with light.

Once I stepped inside the chapel, I felt like I was being transported into another place. The dark and somewhat cold room created this mysterious ambiance where I stood from afar watching the installation in awe.  It was after awhile before I  moved forward to better examine the  art piece where I realized that the canvas the artist used was actually smoke. It was really a delight to experience such an amazing artwork and I only have praises for the artist for how he pushed beyond human imagination and question what most people seem to have taken granted of. -Perhaps this might serve as a motivation to how I could approach things in the future.

Reported by Jing Yin

One Response to “Void:Utopia, Lim Shengen| SAM”
  1. Shengen says:

    Thank you for your review. I really appreciate your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the work as well.

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