Wald aus Wald (Forest from Forest), Takashi Kuribayashi | Art Stage

Reported by: Caroline Hia

This is an art installation to realise the rifts of the land surface and their borderlines. Made by Japanese paper and pulp, forming a snow white forest that is floating in mid-air. It directly gives others a different perspective on viewing the forest, from the forest floor.

bottom up

So basically this caught my attention instantly because it was a huge installation piece. Well compared to the canvas paintings and eye leveled installations. The art work was elevated but the baseline was undulated, so the irregularity made the people viewing the piece to slowly walk through and be wary of the way the “ground floor” of the forest was shaped.

then while walking beneath the forest floor, i realised that there were holes through it. i walked over to it and looked up, i felt like an insect on the floor looking up at the tree. More like an ant, in the ant nest, looking up from the entrance while being protected from the snow . Total new perspective on the way to view nature. i really liked this piece because it was interactive and was basically fun too look at from a distance and up close.


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