|Trans-Cool Tokyo | Reflecttwo,Haruka Kojin| Singapore Art Museum

Artist: Haruka Kojin
Workpiece title : Reflecttwo
Date: 15 January 2011
Singapore Art Museum at 8Q (Trans-Cool TOKYO)

Reported by Isabel Song

This concepts is about Patterns are created when shapes, line or colour are repeated. From this, the designer Haruka Kojin make them into pieces and hang it up with transparent line and when there is wind blow it will gives people a feeling of it is moving in the air. I feel very impressive by it.
Besides this, they even have a mini space at the stairs with 3sets of tables and the design stamp letting people express themselves by stamping on the paper provided.
I like the atmosphere at 8Q because it is very easy to access the different galleries as the room is very near each other, from here i can find the connection of each gallery easier.
This also reminds me of my air projects which as i have a concept about colours, bubbles, natural, unique and of cause fun.


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