Aromascape of Singapore
Maki Ueda (Japan)
5-16 Jan 2011
Glass Porch, Level 2, Singapore Art Museum
the purpose of this exhibition was to capture different smell from all over singapore. There’s also a workshop by this designer to allow students going all around singapore to collect different smells.
Atmosphere & Experience:
the atmosphere when entering the glass porch is very simple, in a way when you entered, the first thing you will see is the singapore map; on the map indicating with (nails and post-its) being poke onto the map, is all the smells of different place.
then followed behind was 13 bottles each containing some chemical which smells of different smell.
the experience was intriguing as you opened the bottle, and putting your nose close to the bottle. Not knowing what to expect, i was in the surprised. some have awful smell whereas some are pleasant. after smelling all the bottles, then i realised there was a paper describing each bottle smell of what.
Impressions & Thoughts:
I was truly impressed by how they are able to mixed the chemicals to form those different smells, by getting the raw ingredients and mixing them with other chemicals. Its a way to both taste and smell air. By smelling each of them give you a different taste. Its a mystery at first not knowing what each bottle will smell like. which will push me forward to continue smelling the rest of the bottle. this exhibition is truly fun, too bad i missed the workshop. frankly, there are all kinds of different smell where ever you go. without going for this exhibition, i would not be thinking and recalling howeach place smells.
Yu Han Wei

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