Untitled, Zheng Fan Zhi | Art Stage

Reported by: Amirah Bte Rosli

Artist: Zheng Fan Zhi

Date: 15 January 2011

This art piece was done by an artist called Zheng Fan Zhi, who did it using oil on a canvas that measure 200cm x 400cm.

As you can see this painting is made up of vines of different thickness and sizes. At one look, it gives a very messy, lost and confused feeling. The vines gets thinner as it goes to the “back” of the picture, in this case, the centre of the painting. This painting reminds me of the human brain, how we have countless connections and information pass through them every second of our lives. It also brings me to how our life works, where the choices, opportunites, decisions we make, risks that we take, lead to where we will be. I believe every painting, drawing or an art piece tells a story that everyone can relate to.

One Response to “Untitled, Zheng Fan Zhi | Art Stage”
  1. Deanna Joy says:


    Is this painting for sale and if so what is the price? Is this an original or copy?

    Thank you,

    Deanna Joy

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