Untitled, Beat Zoderer | Art Stage

Reported by: Kwek Jin Kiat

Beat Zoderer, Dominik Mersch Gallery

This is a workpiece by designer Beat Zoderer, from the Dominik Mersch Gallery, in Sydney. The atmosphere around this artwork was a very lively one, people start looking at it from the front, being attracted by the vivid colours, and the complexity of the project. And slowly changing their view to the side of the artifact. By then seeing the work from another perspective, revealing the roots of the project, and yet showing another side that was even more eye catching than the front view. Being very visually appealing is what brought me to this work, other than its complexity, the perspective view of it shows it in a very well planned maze, but with the many colours blending in nicely. Its relevant to me as when i look at the artifact, a great sense of clarity of my education came clear to me. Things may not always seem as it is, but when we try to view it from another perspective, the view and outcome can be beautiful. My thoughts on this artwork is that it is a work that is visually appealing on all fronts, even when it is viewed on digital images, the essence of the joyful and bright combination of colours still lingers on. And it gives me the feeling that this piece of work is no ordinary piece of work, its not as simple as it looks.


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