Gerbera, Yoshihiro Suda| SAM at 8Q

Reported by Grace

Singapore Art Museum at 8Q | Trans-Cool Tokyo

Gerbera by Yoshihiro Suda

Gerbera is situated in the room on the uppermost floor, curiously the last space in the whole exhibition if you follow its intended sequence. It is way out of view of the other exhibits, sitting silently, propped atop a fixture as inconspicuous as its place. On first glance, the Gerbera appears to have withered in its spot, marking its journey to the edge of the rack before an imminent plunge, in a broken composure contrasting starkly against its own brilliant red.

I find it a rather perverse way to portray the end of something so beautiful, but it seems this is exactly what Suda intended; he meticulously carved the Gerbera from hackberry wood with traditional Japanese tools as if to transfer the dying art of traditionally “studying something and then reproducing it skilfully” into his message of the weakening Gerbera – its life hanging by a thread and its heart to the floor – a message made even stronger that this piece was placed amongst modern contemporary works of young artists using fast, new and powerful methods, and away from view of the common eye.

The Gerbera is in the last room on the topmost floor, right by the door. Though it is not easy to spot on entrance, it almost seems an irony that it might be the last exhibit seen by some, quite unlike the apparent direction of the rest of the pieces that will take the rapidly evolving Contemporary Scene by storm.. Very intriguing.

– Grace


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