Reflectwo, Haruka Kojin | Art stage

Reported by

Manju Subhashini

Patterns are created when shapes lines or colour are repeated. Patterns can be found everywhere in nature every day things like cloths the food we eat. Artists use patterns in their artwork to make them visually more interesting. This can be done by creating a mirror-image of the shape used like the flower petals in refection. The overall result is to have balance or sense of flow to the artwork.  

Went to 3rd floor and saw some art works of Japanese. Part of what makes Japanese people so unique is their rich, culture past, where generation of skilled craftsmen and artists have produced everything from fine porcelain to delicate embroidery, as well as intricate ornamental carving. These Japanese artists want to recreate and pay homage to these great traditions in contemporary culture today.

I saw this artwork in 8Q 3rd floor done by Haruka Kojin . Kojin created dreamy interpretations of reality, stimulating the imaginative power of viewers, allowing them to see the beauty in the everyday. Reflection is the kojin sees from her studio, with the surface of the lake reflection an image of the tress and forest. The work engages the view in questioning the way we live with and view nature today. Despite the work made out of artificial flower petals, there is a natural beauty that arises from the unique arrangement of them.


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