An Aggregate Panaroma Charcoar, Bahk Seon Ghi | Art Stage

Reported by Leslie Wee
Bahk Seon Ghi (1966~, Korea), created this sculpture that looks simply yet stunning. The tree in nature has been a closest friend and companion of human beings. Long time ago, the tree was a symbol of woods and a pronoun of rich nature. This work is composed of charcoal, burned trees. The charcoal suspended in the midair by transparent nylon string produces consistent or sometimes inconsistence patten, and you will see how well it expresses lightness in the space. But the light coming through a narrow aperture between a charcoal and a charcoal softens and warms you up, so that the charcoal represents an axis shared between nature and men.


I feel that this sculpture is a very interesting piece as it kinds of brings the past and present together. The use of charcoal as the hanging objects leaves a strong impression due to its symoblism with the past. The scuplture also suggest movement as it looks different from different persectives.

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