Aromascape of Singapore, Maki Ueda| SAM

Aromascape of Singapore
Maki Ueda (Japan)
5-16 Jan 2011
Glass Porch, Level 2, Singapore Art Museum

Description of the exhibition:

If the sense of smell is what drives and excites you, Aromascape of Singapore is right up your channel as a perpetrator. It is an art work that presents the nasal footprint of Singapore readable from your nose through a bottle.

Relationship to Art & Education:

The relationship of the work to the theme can be seen as follows: the purpose of working with students is to raise the awareness for their sense of smell.

coffee smell

I missed the workshop! I think it will very fun if I can participate the workshop. I know some information about the workshop from the brochure and web site ( Actually, the workshop conducted by the artist with the NAFA and Temasek Junior College students. They applied the enfleurage method for extracting the burning incense smell. Besides that, they also made the smell map of Singapore.

It is quite special experience for me even thought I really can’t appreciate some smell like cheese burger and rice. I feel those smells are quite weird. Anyway, I also learnt something from the exhibition how the smell can become as memory. When you smell something you will definitely will think of what kind of smell is and where it from. The smell memory could be general or specific. The exhibition was given some general smell that actually people know definitely what that is. But some specific smell like shampoo or perfume will let me memories something more, maybe childhood’s life or met someone before with similar smell.

The exhibition give me a different experience and understand how the air can create the memory for a person.

Reported by Sze Shiang


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