Untitled, Subodh Gupta |Art Stage

Reported by: Nazirah Kau

Artist: Subodh Gupta

Date: Saturday, 15 Jan 2011

Workpiece title: Untitled

Made by stainless steel utensils, I was inspired by this work piece of Subodh Gupta, the moment I step into this section of exhibit I notice this art piece, it was just out of the place & hanging there. The exhibit was lilted by bright lights and it captured my eyes. It might look like just a metal looking thing to you, but it really is not. The thought of the artist able to put all these metal utensils together into a sculpture and hang it really amaze me, thinking how he does it. From what I know those metal utensils isn’t light. It might be just a sculpture to us but the artist is trying to portray part of India to us, in particular the kitchen in India. The moment I took a look closer, I then realise that there’s more to it, when looking closely at the different shapes and sizes of the utensils, it reflects a different size or effect of yourself which I thought was really cool.

The whole atmosphere of the ART STAGE has Being still a young designer, there’s still a long way for me to go before my works or ideas can be put in exhibitions like this. With all the fabulous art works from all the around the world, it really motivates me to work even harder to achieve something as good as theirs.


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