Old City Material, Blasco |Art Stage

Reported by: Ho Tang

Artist:  Isidro Blasco

Title: Old City Interior 1 (2008)

As I visited Art stage @ Marina Bay Sands, “Image brought to life” was what came to my mind instantly when I looked at this piece of work.

Blasco has brought his artwork to life by placing the images of what seems like a old kitchen taken from different angles and distances together, making it seem as though the objects within the images are coming out of the entire picture. The entire picture itself, gave me the nostalgic feel too, as though it’s something that we would never be able to see again anymore.

Personally, I felt that Blasco has done a great job, and it is one of the artworks I would like to have one placed in my living room. I felt that he having the patience to place the camera at every precise angle for each shot is something that not everyone would have the heart to do so.


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