Peel, Jane Lee | Art Stage

Painting in a new way

Reported by: Keef Chong

Painting is not necessarily viewed in a 2 Dimensional in today’s world. As from the painting above by Jane Lee, she had challenged the boundaries in painting and narratives meaning it can create.

The painting done by Jane Lee is really visually impressive, as it really “pops” out from the flat wall. To make it even more stunning, the material to create that visual impact was just acrylic paint.

In relations to me, I find this piece of art really meaningful to me. As no two parts of the painting is the same, and it had redefined the conventional way of how painting should be. In a way, there is never a dull moment in life, it is ever changing and always exciting.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, and it was interesting to see how artist/designers interpret their thoughts and ideas into their work pieces. It is more than just an art piece, but an expression of how one feels.

Keef Chong | DXPD/FT/2B/02


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