Portraits, Hiroshi Sugimoto | SAM

Reported by PJ Lim.

An exhibition on the wax likenesses of Henry VIII, William Shakespeare, or Fidel Castro.
The wax body of Fidel Castro on the hospital bed breathing.

Now a days, people take air for granted. Only when we have difficulty getting it, then we realise the importance of it. This art, Fidel Castro on the bed and the sound of him breathing made me feel the presence and importance of air.

This art is exhibit in an enclose dark space at Singapore art museum. The dark lighting and the quietness gives you a dying atmosphere, as if you are in a hospital or a graveyard. The sound of the breathing coming out from his mouth make you realise the importance of air and lucky we are still able to breathe today.

One Response to “Portraits, Hiroshi Sugimoto | SAM”
  1. you should share this experience with Jinyin who is working on ‘breathing’.


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