e.e.no.24, Kiichiro Adachi | Singapore Art Musuem 8Q

Artist: Kiichiro Adachi
Workpiece title: Mixed Media
Date: 16 January 2011
Singapore Art Museum @ 8Q (Trans-Cool TOKYO)

This was one of the best exhibitions I had ever seen.  At first, you do not know what is hiding in that “deep” corner of the room. However, after reading the text written on the wall, it makes me feel like stepping into the room and give it a try…

It says:


Step into this disco booth for one,

And experience dancing to your heart’s content.”

I swear I was did not saw the first two lines as I was probably too short, all I can see at the first glance was the few words “dancing to your heart’s content.” There was some music that you will normally hear in a disco playing coming from that corner too. I thought that there will be a disco inside. Quite impossible to have a disco in a museum right?  As soon as I entered the space, I was somehow shocked. Standing there was a disco booth. It looked like a telephone booth to me, except there was no phone in there.

In the booth, there was a disco ball hanging right on top of the user when you are in it. Besides the disco ball, there was also a ipod and headphone for the user to listen to the upbeat music booming into your ears when you wear the headphone provided. Beside the booth is a projector projecting a video of some Japanese user using the booth. They are all dancing quite wildly in the booth.

There are a few visitors too, besides me and my fellow friends in the space. As expected, Singaporeans being Singaporeans were shy about stepping into the lighted booth. All those that I’ve encountered just stood there watching the video.

At first the booth looked quite normal to me, but as a curious cat, I decided to give it a try since I’m already here. After closing the door and putting on the headphone, I had a shock. The whole booth was made up of one-way glass! Nope, I did not dance (I know there were people outside looking at me because I’m a Singaporean too!) but I managed to experience what it is like. It is so COOL!

To me, this design is the total opposite of the public toilet in Switzerland that is also made up of one way glass. That design is to make people feel awkward, but Kiichiro Adachi’s disco booth is to let one forget that people are watching you and dance without worry.

This design is a little useless in Singapore, as I could see, most of us are too shy to even move our hips in the booth in a small space like the museum. Imagine this booth to be in the streets of Singapore, I would assure you that very few people will try except for some tourists.

At last, this is the video which is quite similar to the one playing in the museum:

-Fu Siang


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