Reported by manwithmanybottleswhositsandstaresatthemwithavidfascination
Aromascape of Singapore
Maki Ueda (Japan)
5-16 Jan 2011
Glass Porch, Level 2, Singapore Art Museum

(copied from Aromascape of Singapore post :))

Description of the exhibition:

If the sense of smell is what drives and excites you, Aromascape of Singapore is right up your channel as a perpetrator. It is an art work that presents the nasal footprint of Singapore readable from your nose through a bottle.

(also copied from Aromascape of Singapore post :D)

When I first entered the exhibit I was shown a beautiful artwork that simply took my breath away. No words could describe the grandeur that was before me, I mean look at it, it is a map of Singapore, a country that just five decades back was reeling economically, politically and emotionally from it’s exit of Malaysia and is now the jewel of South East Asia.

The artist has taken careful consideration to the placement of the flags which represents the area it’s impaled upon, I mean look at Universal Studios, haven’t ever been there I now know that it smells like popcorn and knowing that, it is as if, I have been there.

Just when I thought that the splendorous map was the exhibition itself, my eyes wondered towards the people in front who were joyously clasping small jars and putting it towards their face.

Intrigued and slightly perplexed I went to take a closer look. To my disappointment it was just jars filled with coloured liquid. In my mind I thought that the jars might perhaps be something of significance like the map before. My expectations were betrayed and I left to see the pandas.

The pandas were awesome and I expected more pandas but alas there were only tigers… I stared and stared as I wanted to count how many pandas there were but I could never figure it out as I always lost count at around 59. There are just too many of them to count.

I spent too much time counting pandas and by the time I came out it was dark, I panicked and hurried to exit the museum before I was locked in there for the night.The fear of having to spend the night at the museum overwhelmed my sense of direction and I came back to the map exhibit.

It was when I saw the tall Caucasian walking towards the jars calmly that I realised the museum wasn’t shutting it’s doors just yet and I calmed down. I was skeptical about smelling the contents of the jars, I doubt that smelling them would evoke any feeling in me because unlike the people before I was cool and didn’t want to do anything that would make me look uncool, but when a person in an awesome acdc t-shirt is trying it out, it’s gotta be cool to smell unknown things in jars.

I was moved after smelling the jar with the cigarettes, I was so moved that I quit because even though I smoke like ten a day, I didn’t really know what it smelled like cause I just inhale it…

after that day I have been coming back daily to convince people to stop smoking by actually smelling what cigarettes really smelled like.

(some strangers I convinced to quit smoking, they had a serious problem cause their whole family smoked… but thanks to the exhibition they decided, like me, to quit for good.)

(others who were also convinced to quit, on an unrelated note they bear a striking resemblance to friends I know…)



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