Art Stage Singapore 2011 is held at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Exhibition and Convention Centre – Basement 2, Hall D, E and F. Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956.

There are many famous artist and designers from countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and United States.

The reason I chose to go to this exhibition is because of my involvement in the exhibition space for Milan 2011. Therefore, I thought that it will be a good opportunity to take a look at how the other designers from all over the world showcase their works on an international platform.

The atmosphere at the exhibition hall was great. There was a wonderful exchange of ideas between the exhibitors and visitors. The exhibitors were very willing to share their thoughts and works. As a student, I felt that the experience of going to an international fair was very helpful as I got to understand how to present ideas well to the public.

As the exhibition hall is huge, I got overwhelmed when I step into the space. I wasn’t even sure where to start with. But we soon came out with a route to follow through the exhibition.

One of the exhibitors that I got interested in was LEE HWAIK GALLERY. Their work is composed by having charcoal suspending in the midair by tying a transparent nylon string to it. The concept consists of a photo frame, staircase, table and chair. As mention in the handouts that was given to the public, this piece of work is related to space. It gives a complementary tense feeling between a solid space and a void space. I thought that it was really beautiful and impactful how simple objects like charcoal and nylon thread would bring out strong feelings and influence the space.

Go to http://www.suncontemporary.com/bbs/board.php?bo_table=sun_gi for more images.

reported by Mabel Low


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