Plastics City, Wu Chi-Tsung(Taiwan) |Art Stage

Artist : Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan)

Gallery: TKG+

Place: Art Stage Sinagapore 2001

Date: 16 January 2011

Reported by Yiting. In this concept, the designer used plastic boxes of different shapes and sizes. From long to short, fat to skinny. And to enhance this design, all he did was to add in a light and its track and thus the images of the shadows are projected onto the wall. This effect allows visitors to have and inside view of the whole structure. Just by looking at the shadows that are casted onto the wall, it made me feel that I am really walking within the structure looking all around me

The experience at the exhibition was really something different as we get to expose ourselves to a lot of different type of designs, from products to paintings. Furthermore, the paintings are not just paintings but they are of much more elaborated paintings such as 3D paintings.


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