Reported by Vivian Lim.

Exhibit: Aromascape of Singapore (Part of the Fringe Commission/World Premiere)
Artist: Maki Ueda (Japan)
Display Dates & Venue: 5-16 Jan 2011 at SAM.

I went to this exhibit together with some of my classmates as research for our current studio project which is on the topic of ‘Air’. As it was displayed in the glass porch, the natural sunlight shone through the windows and had a very ‘open feel’, as if we were outdoors. (If you do not think about the air conditioning.)

Before I got to the exhibit, I was feeling rather excited to see how the artist captured these ‘smells of Singapore’. I was kind of expecting mostly reports of the smells she has found with descriptions about them. However, we actually were able to experience and smell the same smells that the artist had extracted.

She put the smells into little bottled samples that we can interact with, open and experience. Apart from these smell samples, she had a board where she had the map of Singapore, with little flags pinned down at different locations, stating the different smells that she took notice of at the different places.


This exhibit is relevant to me as I am working on ‘memories’ on ‘air’ for my studio project. From the different smells, I can picture in my mind from my memory what it looks like or even figure out what the smell is without looking at the label on the bottle. This was rather interesting, although slightly weird at the same time. Mixing all the smells together produced strange and revolting results and made me lose my appetite a little. Ha-ha.

Apart from that, I think it was a good exhibit and good experience and I appreciated this more than other exhibits where I was only ‘allowed’ to look at them. It made me feel closer with the artist as I could experience the same thing as her.

-Vivian Lim.


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