Charcoal Arts,Bahk Seon Ghi(1966~,Korea) |Art Stage


Artist: Bahk Seon Ghi (1966~, Korea)

Gallery: Art Stage Singapore 2011

Date: 16 January 2011

Reported by: Bian Jing

This designer used charcoal to make different structure like the suitcases structure. There was one that i am really impressed about was the one that he used charcoal pieces to make a structure of a table, chair and a staircase. The designer also uses nylon strings to tie the pieces together to form the whole structure. Also, with the nylon strings attached to the charcoal pieces, it made the whole structure seems as those it is leviating in the air from far. There are several charcoal pieces tied at a much higher spot above the table, to me, this made it seems as though the charcoal pieces are coming together to form the whole structure of the table but in the process it is being paused or stop at a particular timing.

Being at the Art Stage Gallery, at the start, i thought it was only pure art, not really relating to product design, but later on i got inspired by some of the artists’ works; how they use different materials to draw, how they made 2D graphics seems as those they are popping out like a 3D painting and how they can express themselves or about their lives through their works, social problems that are happening now or what are their feelings.


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