Use your noses.

Aromascape of Singapore
Maki Ueda (Japan)
5 – 16 Jan 2011
Mon – Sun: 10am – 7pm
Fri: 10am – 9pm
Glass Porch, Level 2, Singapore Art Museum


What do you smell if you walk around the city of Singapore?
Savoury fragrance from food stands and restaurants, green and fresh scent in a market, salty sea breezes, or stinking garbage?
Singapore has an international reputation to be the cleanest city in the world.
Some of the smells are extracted and exhibited in small palm sized bottles.
Just like a perfume shop, we are free to touch them, open the bottles and smell them.
They are not perfumes for wearing, but for evoking your emotions and imagination.


Greeted with 13 bottles of quirky coloured liquids, this was one of the few exhibits which caught my eye.
I made a quick scan down list of the names of the food or objects in which these essences was extracted from and a few seemed interesting.
The Taiwanese Sausage for instance, for being such a typical Chinese Singaporean.
I uncapped the first bottle gingerly and deeply inhaled the essence of what seemed to be, the ixora flowers (whatever flowers they were).

It smelt fragrantly.. odd.


Next up was the sugar cane.
However, I wasn’t a huge fan of this and quickly proceeded to the following bottle.



I was delighted. It was as though the real burger was right in front of me!
Following the amazing cheeseburger, bak ku teh and taiwanese sausage made it to the top 3.
And without a doubt, the cigarettes remained at the bottom of my list.


Truth to be told, I was addicted to the holy essence of the bak ku teh and kept inhaling the particles of this well known local delight. (;


However, this exhibition made me realise that the phrase “One man’s meat is another man’s poison” also applied to the sense of smell,
for there wasn’t a particular scent that everyone would like, for my fellow classmate Jing Yin insisted that the amazing cheeseburger smelled simply..


Yours truly,


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