Book-tear |Trans-Cool Tokyo | Kentato Yokouchi

This exhibition features of some of the most awe inspiring modern works of art. Many of

which are more than 10 years old. This exhibition challenges our definition of modern art

which is a total wild card that no one can foretell. If you like japanese manga and culture

you should check out this exhibition happening until the 13th of FEB.











One of the more interesting works that captured my attention was this work by Kentaro Yokouchi.

































To achieve this effect he stain the satin canvas which in turn creates these spectrum of colors from

afar and on closer inspection a whole new layer comes and introduces itself to you. The whole

experience is like opening up your christmas present only to find that there is another in

the same box!

The other way of looking at it is that this could be a form of cryptography. One picture like that can

convey many messages into one simple layer.

By exploring this avenue i think his intension was to hide in true beauty and to show us how we

should also look not on the surface but always take a closer look.

You should head down before 13th of FEB and check this out! As you can see below it doesn’t look

as good on camera as it really is.

-reported by eugene-

2 Responses to “Book-tear |Trans-Cool Tokyo | Kentato Yokouchi”
  1. will definitely go see this before it ends!


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