Old Kallang Airport | Michael Lin

image (c) designboom

” I found a photo of the artist himself at the exhibition online!”

Reported by Madeleine Yeo.
I chose this artist as I felt that I could relate to the exhibition as he recreated a local hardware store.

I was surprised when I read the write up for his exhibition. He actually purchased the entire contents of a local hardware store. Initially, I had imagined his exhibition to be of a small corner in Old Kallang Airport as my visual image of a hardware store is a small corner shop packed with a crazy amount of stuffs, but when I went deeper into the exhibition, I realised that he had used alot of space to display individual categories of objects. It begun looking like a display store instead of a local hardware store. I then reread the exhibition details and I realised that it was stated only as a local hardware store, so maybe, he was recreating a local hardware store from China as he works in Shanghai.

Nevertheless, his way of displaying the products helped to clearly emphasize on the variety of each items a hardware shop carries. The way he presented it was an eye-opener and even the interior of each crate and drawers that displayed and stored the items were lined with red cloth that gave this image of an antique store. There was television screens that showed a performer juggling with the items, including the fragile china pieces, showing the fun side of a seemingly mundane everyday household object.


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