Factum | Candice Breitz

Reported by YangTing

Candice Breitz conducted intensive interviews with 7 pairs of identical twins and a single set of triplets, from which she then edited 7 dual-channel and one single tri-channel, video installation. As the twin relate their stories, sharp-distinctions in their voices, attitudes, body language and their world-view become apparent.

At times, they gravitate towards each other, offering almost the same syntax and gestures, while at other moments they differ vastly in their conclusions on topics they both consider vital. For example, one thing that one pair of twins had in common is that both did not want others to criticize them, such as one is much more prettier than the other, just because they want to differentiate them or going to the psychiatrist to talk about their personal problems because they did not want other to know what they really think about something. Another thing is that, the twins would state clearly how and what they disliked about each other. For the triplets, one similarity among them is that they like to share their things, except their favorite items, with one another. One difference among them is that they had different way of dressing. They also like different brands and their physical appearance are slightly different.

The range of subtle and significant differences disturb the initial impression of identicality defines each pair of siblings. People experience tension between our individual identity and the need to belong to a community. Thus, to Candice Breitz, twins represent the ‘smallest possible form of community.


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