Adinandra Belukar (2011) | Genevieve Chua

Reported by Priscilla Tan

The title of the art piece in Singapore Biennale 2011 – Adinandra Belukar (2011) refers to the regrowth vegetation that occurs where primary forest had been cleared for development in Singapore for further developments where by the vegetation growth of small areas are neglected. Adinandra Belukar is a type of forest in Singapore, whereby its poor soil conditions only allows few species of vegetation to grow.

By looking at things in the dark and focusing your senses to things that you will not expect to experience is her goal in this artwork. She left the artwork to speak for itself whereby it shows the hushed insinuations(an silent indirect suggestion) on what appears to be an empty stage. With a huge video screen right at a side of the room, the pitch dark room with black walls of her graphite drawings, the light that is given off from the video screen installation allows the drawings to be seen. The light and dark repeatedly draws her to the twilight of Singapore’s regrowth forests where things can be seen in the dark.


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