National Museum of Singapore | Charlie White

Reported by Jessica Chan

Charlie White, who lives and works in Los Angeles, began studying the behaviour of specifically California teen girls for two years. The animation, OMG BFF LOL, was part of his ‘Girl Studies’ project in 2008. There are three parts to the video. The first part shows the life teenage girls lives in – fashion, shopping and the desire to want more. The second and third video shows the lonliness of the characters as you can see them switching TV channel, eating snacks, posing in front of the mirror and crying over some matter.

Charlie White has also collected magazines that feature blonde celebrities, like the two characters in the animation are, on their covers. He stereotype blonde girls for being vain and also like what others called it, a bimbotic. Although his work focuses on girl’s culture, it also show us the materialistic world today whereby people are always following the trend and wanting the best. One of the character in the animation said “Having is so much better than wanting,” which explain why people are spending more and more on clothes, shoes, bags, etc.


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