Factum | Candice Breitz

Reported by Emily

Candice Breitz was born in Johannesburg, 1972. She has been  the professor of Fine Art at the Braunschweig University of Art since 2007, and well known for her video works and installations.

Her Philosophy

“I am  interested in deploying the art work as a catalyst, one which momentarily freeze-frames problematic ways of making meaning, and renders them strange. My interest lies not in censoring the desires inspired by the commodity (be that commodity a hipper-than-thou consumer trademark or a cheaply printed centrefold), but in recasting them so as to expose their logic, and, in certain cases, to push their boundaries.”________Candice Breitz

Art Concept

Candice Breitz conducted interviews with seven pairs of identical twins and a set of identical triplets(which were  later edited into seven dual-channel and one-tri-channel–video installation) in order to show the conflicts and the connections between  them, how they relate to and depend on each other, while in the mean time how they keep their own identities and personalities by sharing their stories from their own point of view.

Personal Experience

I found it quite engaging as I am the only child in my family compared to them, I probably could never understand how it feels to have any siblings in my life, and what it is like to share every moment and love as “we” grow up together. From the talk I could really see the subtle connections and bridges in their blood which makes their life even more complete as one. Twins are amazing being the same but still different.


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