Flooded McDonald’s 2009 | Superflex

Reported by Madeline Ang. Superflex is made up of Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjonstjerne Christiansen. They often invite viewers participation in their projects, as well as collaboration with other artists, architects, city planners, marketers and designers, to find potential ways of effecting social change. Their recent film about McDonald’s responds to the prevalence of apocalyptic language in the mass media, as well as humorously evoking the threat of climate change. the film depicts a recreated, life-sized McDonald’s restaurant slowly filling with watch over a period of twenty minutes. Describing the restaurant as the ‘living room of the world’. Superflex presents a harrowing metaphor of an all-consuming ‘slow apocalypse’.

Superflex envisaged the flooding of a McDonald’s restaurant at a time when they felt they were being saturated by warnings about global warming. Throughout history, artists of all cultures have had a dark vision and premonitions about the end of the world. Superflex, therefore, stages its apocalyptic scenario in a fitting location for the twenty-first century – a place recognisable to people all over the world.

For someone who lives in a disaster-prone country, it gives me insights on what really happens when a place gets flooded. And it also gives us awareness of the climate change and global warming that is getting worse as we speak.


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