La Cannibale l Mike Nelson

Reported by Christina

Mike Nelson was born in Loughborough, UK, 1967. He lives and works in London. He is an contemporary British installation artist.

These works are created from walls that Nelson destroyed at Hayward Gallery, London, for his installation ‘To the Memory of HP lovecraft’. His graveyard of wooden plinths functions as an imitation of a once grand exhibition. He made it as those this plinths as suffered an attack and nobody visits it anymore. Despite that, all of the construction are new. This somewhat represents a relationship to the breaking up of old surfaces in the Old Kallang Airport  in preparation for SB 2011. He said, ‘When something is physically broken, we do not forget about it. We are reminded of the memories associated with it’.

What made this exhibit interesting was how he took apart his old works and transformed into an entirely new work with a brand new concept. He forced this boxes in and threw it in a whole new different context. It evokes a certain thought into the viewer and prompts us into thinking the meaning behind it. Was it deliberate? Was it done with intelligence? Or was it made in a fit of anger. This, we can only guess at.


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