Old Kallang Airport| Song Ming Ang

reported by Abdur Rahman

this is the 1st time I’m ever hearing about a sound artist. song ming ang is a Singapore-born artist based in London. He explores how music and sound interact with people in different contexts. he describes his artistic process as ‘half composer’ and ‘half improviser’. He came to Singapore in 2007 to participate in the Fringe Festival, now he is back in the Binnale to show off his another work titled Manifesto for bad music. His main aim is to get people to loosen their grip of “high culture”. so what he did for this project is that he is trying to get 4 different people to sing a very old school nursery rhyme. He asked various people. a teacher, a CEO, a gardener and a athlete. all of them coming from different backgrounds of society. at the end of the video, none of the 4 men were able to finish the nursery rhyme. the only man who had come the closest was the gardener. he concludes by saying that people whom are in touch with their roots are the one’s whom are the most culturally inclined. i still do not get what is he trying to say. I’m in touch with my Singapore roots but i do not feel that i am culturally inclined. maybe there is a deeper meaning that i have not gotten yet. also he has given a brief explanation on what is his thoughts about bad music. and here it is. Bad music is pure and virginal, forever bridesmaid to good music. Bad music makes good music look good. It is selfless and sacrificial. As such, bad music is a companion of the highest order. It will always be there for you, forever and a day. We can always laugh with bad music, and unlike many friends, we can even laugh at it. It is not proud and it is not easily angered. Bad music is unfailing in its faithfulness. As we have been told, time after time, it will be there for you, until the end of the world. It will think you are too fat or stupid. it will not think your breast or penis are too small. Bad music is patient, bad music is kind. It keeps no records of wrongs. Unlike good music, bad music is void of irony, wholly unpretentious, pure and simple every time. It does not ‘boast’. It does not require you to ‘get’ it. You might not get the music of Zappa, but you get the music of Abba. In spite of itself, bad music is useful, even potent, in its versatility. Play it at low volume and it will facilitate conversations at a dinner party. play it at sustained high volumes and a prisoner will confess to every allegations. We, lovers of bad music disdain to conceal our views and aims. We openly declare our love for elevator music, pop-classical crossovers, smooth jazz and mindless pop. Bad music of all countries UNITE! what he is trying to imply is that the new generation of songs cannot compare in terms of value and beats as to the classical jazz type of songs. the artist openly declares that he is not a fan of this new genre like rap and R&B. because of this, people have lost touch to their roots and heritage as shown in the video. the person with the highest social status (the CEO) remembers the song the least. and the person with the lowest social status (the gardener) has remembered the most though not all.


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