Overhead Projection | Ceal Floyer

Report by Vernice.

Ceal Floyer is from Pakistan but now lives and work in Berlin. His art work featured in Singapore Biennale 2011 is called Overhead Projection. The objects in the art piece are only an overhead projector and a light bulb. When I first lay eyes on the art piece, I questioned myself. What is this? The overhead projector was very hot and the light bulb was left lying on the lighted area of the projector. And on the wall was a projected image of the light bulb. It was zoomed in, close enough to see every detail of the light bulb.

Ceal Floyer’s art shows a clear thought of her mind through elegance and simplicity. Hence, her works mostly looked empty and plain. Her works are done and presented in a slight philosophical manner to draw attention to forgotten everyday objects and situation.

In this case, the light bulb is the object. We use the light bulb everynight to light up our space so that we can continue on our work. However, we do not stop and take a closer look on how the light bulb looks like close up and it’s internal structure. Ceal Floyer’s work is a reminder for me to look into details of everything and not take things for granted.


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