That person’s work with single bedsheets | Matt Mullican

"Bedsheets and mixed media installation"

Reported by Ruwaida

Singapore Biennale 2011

Matt Mullican has been experimenting with hypnosis  in his artistic practice since the late 1970s . It is a process that both informs and elucidates his practice, which moves fluidly across many different media including installation, drawing and performance. That person, the character that Mullican becomes in these trances, is responsible for the maze of drawings on 26 bedsheets presented here.

I found it to be  a bit creepy and strange as I walked through the maze as there was a sound coming from behind the bedsheets and it turned out to be the video of him under hypnosis.

Mullican has described the disturbing mark- making of That person as an expression of a ‘hyper consciousness’. Fascinated by how we perceive the world, he explores the connection between objective and subjective reality through art, with his introverted vision like a diary of his subconscious.

He has been experimenting with hypnosis in order to gain an understanding of himself and his creative process. His stage performances are filled with repetitive, anxious acts of drawings, collages and clippings are part of his never-ending obsessive project to record the detailed structure of his personal universe. He also believes that for every performance, he will do something that has never been done before, something new. Here are some more of his works."Bedsheets and mixed media installation""Bedsheets and mixed media installation""Bedsheets and mixed media installation"


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