Secret Affair | Roslisham Ismail

Reported by Pearlyn Sim

Roslisham Ismail also as known as Ise born in 1972 from Kota Bahru, Malaysia. He lives and works in Kuala Lumpur.

“Confronted with undesirable matter, most people would seek ways of distancing themselves from it and projecting the hopes onto coveting things possessed by the others.” Nuraini Juliastuti, another contributor to the Secret Affair project.

Ise have been researching on six different types of Singaporean families from diverse backgrounds. Each research shows that how each family buys, cooks and eat their food. So he gave each family with a budget of $200 to fill up whatever they want in the fridge that is given to them. The contents inside the refrigerator shows the lifestyle and their habits of each family with the contents from his research inside. The idea of it is to let people break the ‘taboo’ of opening someone else’s fridge. The main idea of learning more about each and every family and their food habits. How neat will their fridge be, how they will organize their food and how they would place each food in the fridge. He also interviewed the each families about their habits and their everyday life in cooking and eating habits and the recipe of the food that can be made using the ingredients in the fridge.

The interesting part of this exhibition is that how we can infer from the ingredients in each fridge shows how each family cooks their food, the style of their way of cooking from what we can see from the fridge. By looking at the contents in the fridge, I can also immediately somehow see what kind of dishes this family cooks. It’s like particular exhibition is something not only just a art, it’s also something you can actually literally take the ingredients out from the fridge and start cooking and eating it. A new kind of experience from the way you view it.


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