The meaning of style | Phil Collins

Reported by Zhou Yang

The art file “The meaning of style” created by Phil Collins is based on the skinhead culture in Malaysia. It shows the story of a narrative of a young man going into a cinema and watched a film about rebellious young people. These people are part of minority. They smoked, punk-dressed, wore earrings and skin-headed. However the interest part is that the young man joins the company of other skin-headed males in viewing their own group of people.

Phili Collins is trying to challenge the concept of ‘wrong’. In this film, he focused on this particular group of people who skin-headed. They are doing all the things that the society think is wrong. However, through the file he tried to show the other side of the story. He wanted to show us that no matter how rebellious they may be, this group of people represents a culture. A culture that is unique to Malaysia. It should be something to be cherished and not to be rejected.

Through this file he is trying to tell the people that they should not judge something based on the surface value. Instead, they should go deeper and try to understand those things that are surfaced. The more they do not like something, they more they should try to find out more about the thing. Through this process of finding out, they will soon learn to appreciate the things around them, be it good or bad in their point of view.


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