Thirty-Nine Metronomes Beating Time | Martin Creed

Reported by Safinah.

Martin Creed (born in 1968 at Wakefield) is and artist and a musician. Martin Creed believed that everything and anything has the potential to be made into art.  He also believes in simplicity, where humble items at home such as plywood may turn to a work of art. At the Old Kallang Airport (former PA building), Martin Creed’s work piece number 112 was displayed, called the ‘Thirty-nine metronomes beating time”. Basically, thirty-nine pendulum was arranged in a straight line, and that was it. 

Before entering, i’d thought it’d be some cool and awesome display of his work, little to my dismay, it was the least of what i expected. To start off, there was only one art work which i thought there’d be more. I was there standing and staring at the pendulum, for sometime, hoping to understand what was being portrayed but to no avail. I saw many, they came and left. A period of time, where there wasn’t anyone, i finally understood. Art need not be expressed through visual, it can be expressed through sound, and sound need not be through jazz, heavy metal strumming classical music. Yes, the thirty-nine pendulum was sychronisedly arrange in a straight line, but each and every one of them moved at a different speed. Some were faster, while some, slower.

When silence crept through the room, all one could hear is the many tickings of the pendulum at different timing yet of no order. Some were slower, while some, faster. The ticks made me felt as though the world is going against time, running against time, it caused a little nervousness and a little of anxiety.

Martin Creed’s concept was dead simple yet ever impacting. It’s not something that will make a person awe at first sight however it strikes and triggers one’s emotion.

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