TVC Communism – The Propeller Group

Reported by Bryan Clouian Ng

The Propeller Group is an art team consist of Phunam Thuc Ha, Matt Lucero, and Tuan Andrew Nguyen from Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles. They used popular culture, cinema, television, advertising, the Internet, gallery, museums, writing, interviews and conversations to distribute and disseminate art projects. They are also interested in how public and private spaces are contested and played out in the development of sub- and popular cultures. Interested in the fuzzy spaces that exist between someone’s view on political issues and their economic implementations,

Their new project, TVC Communism aims to blur these spaces even more. It is a scene familiar to everyone in the design industry: a team of designers sitting around a table, discussing about a brief. The brief is about the repackaging of communism. The main idea for the film is all about the process of creativity.

Their intention is to pose questions at every step of the way, at every point of the process, creating disorder. They hope that the disorder in such particular instances can become another ‘sense of order’ to an audience that may be all too afraid of change, or not accepting of other possible ways of engaging with their current cultural or social structures.


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