untitled(low sculpture) | Stuart Ringholt

Reported by Yuwen

Stuart Ringholt is an Australian artist who regularly uses absurd humor in his performances, video works, collages, sculptures and book to work through problems. He explores the power of small gestures to make significant shifts in meaning. With simple means his Low Sculptures combine and transform ordinary household objects, creating an intimate field of strange functions and possibilities.

The exhibition Low Sculpture, employed mass-produced objects for examination and dissection. One example would be the dark blue plastic chair, which had been split in two, had its middle section removed and then bound back together with bolts. The object was for Ringholt simply ‘aesthetically beautiful’ and something that only a very skinny person could sit in. another example would be the  crumpled soft-drink can with a spray-can nozzle attached on top. These defiant configurations provoked absurd humor instead of providing expected convenience.

Stuart Ringholt’s creation of objects normally have no business conversing. Most of them are created with parts that are not with their familiar associations.


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