Wrapped Traces | Mark Salvatus

Reported by Samuel Woo.

Mark Salvatus is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Manila. He graduated Cum Laude at the University of Santo
Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design with a degree in Advertising Arts. He is also the co-founder of Pilipinas Street Plan, a community
of street artists and urbanists and a core member of Tutok Collective both based in Manila.

Mark is currently an artist-in-residence at the La Trobe University Visual Arts Center in Bendigo, Australia.
 “Before Things end up solved and start to descend,lets call it a wrap destined to be opened with the hands in our heads.” – Mark Salvatus.
Mark Salvatus’ “Wrapped” projects have been undertaken in cities such as Barcelona, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, among others. For his piece at the biennale, Salvatus ensconced himself on the second floor landing of the SAM at SQ, and asked people to trace whatever personal objects they’re carrying on the wall so he could draw his wrapping patterns.
thriving on chance encounters, his ‘wrapped’ project has completely random people who happen to be walking by trace an object they have onto a wall where Salvatus ‘wraps’ it in a mummy or bandage motif. abstracting and preserving the private experience and the individual’s journey through the space, ‘to be opened with the hands of our head’. “It’s all about chance encounters,” explains Salvatus, who draws inspiration from the street and street art. “Random people tracing random objects — something to do with memory, the temporary…”

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