Wrapped Traces,2007-ongoing | Mark salvatus

In SAM at 8QReported by HillaryYap

An Artist who goes around preserving the memories of any passer-by’s personal object.Wrapped Traces, begun at 2007 in South Korea continues in Barcelona,Manila,Bandung,Bangkok,Amman ,Kuala Lumpur and Singapore’s Singpore Art Museum at 8Q till today,2011.Mark Salvatus.


“Before Things end up solved and start to descend,lets call it a wrap destined to be opened with the hands in our heads.” – Mark Salvatus.

His Art Concept

Street projects come and go with a great impact on the mass,be it interactive or not. To Mark,the street is where is inspirations come from as well as where his works had begun.He completes his project by inviting passer-bys to outline the shape of their personal belongings to a piece of wall he chose to work on.With patterns that look like bandages, the artist “Mummifies” the traces of peoples’ belongings,which is a symoblism of preservationof the people’s memory of  whomever that has participated in his salvage project.Each “memory” or else known as “objects”  becomes a precious parcel holding a trace of that person at that moment each time the Artist shapes it up with his distinct style of mummification using just a pencil and shading techniques.Viewing the wall as a whole,one should then realise Mark’s combination of his Bandage shading technique alongside with the passer-by’s outline creates a bond that secures the seperate elements together into a tableau which then reflects the message of a “time capsule” behind it.


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