All lines flow out | Charles Lim

Reported by: Lim Yu Feng

Charles Lim was born in year 1973, Singapore; lives and
works in Singapore. His art work features in Singapore Biennale 2011 is called
All Lines Flow Out. His art work is about 8 boys walking towards a same point
in the drain. When I first saw the video, I questioned myself. What is this?
What is he trying to say? Those 8 boys wearing rain coat, keep walking towards
a point, the place taken was at a drain in Singapore, some boys was on a hill,
some boys want in the drain, some boys walking along the stairs beside the

In this art work, Charles Lim contemplates the drain system
in Singapore. These drains trace a hidden journey from one point on the island
to another that most of the people didn’t notice. From the objects you can find
in the drain being carried by the water, you can guess where is the item being
carried from, and know the journey of the object. Charles records, collects and
represents what he finds, bearing witness to realities otherwise hidden.


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