SAM 8Q|Stuart Ringholt

Reported by Teo Ying Xuan. Stuart Ringholt expresses his art by creating humour through removing elements or adding other elements on existing objects. He explores the power of small gestures to make significant shifts in meaning. From his art, notice that the objects he chose were household objects and practical objects. These little items are combined and transformed and creates an intimate field of strange functions ans possibilities. Who would think of a piece of meat turning into a slipper? Who would attach a paintbrush onto an umbrella? Interesting works of his also includes cutting circles into pages of children’s books and art magazines and rotates or replaces them to create new potential readings. For instance, he cuts a woman’s nose and mouth into another circle which is a man’s mouth. Immediately, the picture gives off a different kind of emotion. Walking through Stuart Ringholt’s works was definitely inspiring. The objects he recreated was not only homorous but it made me ponder about how could these objects that were initially only functional when individual but now when they are combined into another can still be creative yet functional. It gets even more interesting when an object is broken down into smaller parts and we can still recognise that object at one look.


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