Hermès Festival des Métiers

3 September to 7 September 2011
12pm – 7pm daily
290 Orchard Road
Paragon, Main Atrium

Hermès, a french high fashion house is one of the most sought after luxury brands in history. The festival opened in United States early this year before traveling to Europe and Asia in September. This festival presents behind-the-scene look into the workshop of Hermès Artisans.

Festival setting designed by Milanese designer Paolo Navone, each craft being offered it’s own unique space.

Craft Workshop includes Iconic Birkin Bag, Sellier Saddler, Maroquinier Leatherworker, Silk Printing, Tie sewing, Watch making, Jewelry setting and Porcelain painting.

What makes Hermès bags so special?

It is not only handmade but the difference lies in how it is made.

When one orders a bag from Hermes, it is not immediately made. The Artisans will find the exact leather and texture depending on the order and spend 30 hours making the bag. Only 3 bags are made within a week.

Artisan sanding a bag strap after waxing (to smoothen) the sides.

Just one accessory alone takes a few hours to produce. From cutting the strap, filing and smoothing down the edges, applying the trim stitching, curving and shaping both ends of the small strap, applying the dye, and finally sealing the dye with hot glue. Even the stitching is done in a way that if one stitch is broken, the others will not get affected. Often, one has to tear the stitches and start again.

Impremeur Sur Soie, Silk Printer

Silk Design template

Final Silk Piece

A sample of the Design made the Artist has to be printed on paper. Using transparencies, the silk engraver will engrave the patterns in black and white. Each piece of transparency represents different colors. The amount of colors used shows the amount of time spent and how intricate the design piece is. Different techniques are used for different effects. For example, to get a shade of color, a vibrating pen or pencil shading is used. After which, this is passed on to the silk printer for printing.

Porcelain Painting

Line works on Porcelain

Tie Sewing

This Festival has allowed the public to understand the process in making luxurious products in Hermès. To also question why and how things are made in a certain way. Luxury is often associated with wealth, an act of extravagance. However, after having a deeper knowledge of the process in making products, luxury has become more meaningful and is able to evoke a sense of satisfaction within people.

Reported by Jane


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