Small Sculpture Show | Chapel & Upper Gallery

8 – 30 October 2011
11am – 6pm
Free Admission
Chapel and Upper Gallery, Sculpture Square Limited
155 Middle Road

About the Small Sculpture Show

The Small Sculpture Show is dedicated to promoting small sculptures of any medium by Singapore or foreign sculptors and artists. Its theme is akin to the notion of “smallness of sculpture” – to introduce the more intimate scale of sculpture, contrary to the majority understanding of sculpture seen and perceived as large and commissioned public artworks. This show aims to be a platform for the promotion of small sculpture / 3D work practices and works by both established and young artists, and to generate the appreciation and collect-ability of small sculpture for both public and art collectors alike. The Small Sculpture Show is presented by Sculpture Square, supported by the National Arts Council and sponsored by Purple Sage and the Lee Foundation.

Organized by Sculpture Square, the Small Sculpture Show first debuted in 2009 which showcased more than 70 works from both established and emerging artists in Singapore. The birth of Small Sculpture Show was envisaged to promote the collectability of small sculptures to both collectors as well as inspiring those who has just begun their own private collection of artworks. As traditionally, sculptures were known to be limited to the domain of large, commissioned public artworks, however with scaled down sizes of sculptures, anyone could appreciate art anywhere and enhance the look and feel of their personal spaces.

In 2009 when the Small Sculpture Show first debuted, Sculpture Square featured the works of local artists namely: Ahmad Abu Bakar, Jason Lim, Kumari Nahappan, Michael Ong, Chng Seok Tin, Delia Prvacki, Chua Boon Kee, Baet Yoke Kuan, Michael Ong, Sun Yu-Li, Jacqueline Ng, Lim Leong Seng, Aw Tee Hong, CK Kum, Kum Chee Kiong, Aaron Tan, the late Brother Joseph McNally and Ng Eng Teng. In total, 50 sculptors, of which 17 were established and 33 emerging young artists were featured in that show which attracted 1,300 visitors.

This year, for its 2nd edition, the Small Sculpture Show extended the invitation out to the region, believing that this will broaden the range of works for the show as well as encourage cross border exchanges between artists in the region, hence widening the platform to engage and discover more emerging artists from all over (including Singapore). A visual treat of works from 80 artists locally and regionally will be showcased during the exhibition October for Sculpture Square’s 12th Anniversary Celebrations 2011.

The 2nd Small Sculpture Show is proudly presented and organized by Sculpture Square. All works exhibited are for sale and the 2nd Small Sculpture Show will run from 8 to 30 October 2011.


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