Small Sculpture Show | Chapel & Upper Gallery

8 – 30 October 2011 11am – 6pm Free Admission Chapel and Upper Gallery, Sculpture Square Limited 155 Middle Road About the Small Sculpture Show The Small Sculpture Show is dedicated to promoting small sculptures of any medium by Singapore or foreign sculptors and artists. Its theme is akin to the notion of “smallness of … Continue reading

Hermès Festival des Métiers

3 September to 7 September 2011 12pm – 7pm daily 290 Orchard Road Paragon, Main Atrium Hermès, a french high fashion house is one of the most sought after luxury brands in history. The festival opened in United States early this year before traveling to Europe and Asia in September. This festival presents behind-the-scene look … Continue reading


Reported by Jia Le Omer Fast was born in Jerusalem in the year 1972. He works with film, video, and television footage to examine how individuals and histories interact with each other in narrative. He mixes sound and image into stories that often veer between the personal and the media’s account of current events and … Continue reading

The impossibility of knowing | Tan Pin Pin

Reported by Lim Ting. This exhibition is a video produced to show the unknown tragic incidents that occured at places that dont seem to look like something happened there before. Just by showing the scene and ambience, Tan Pin Pin created a scenario in my mind. The concept is to reach out to viewers to … Continue reading

Thirty-Nine Metronomes Beating Time | Martin Creed

Reported by Safinah. Martin Creed (born in 1968 at Wakefield) is and artist and a musician. Martin Creed believed that everything and anything has the potential to be made into art.  He also believes in simplicity, where humble items at home such as plywood may turn to a work of art. At the Old Kallang … Continue reading

Old Kallang Airport| Song Ming Ang

reported by Abdur Rahman this is the 1st time I’m ever hearing about a sound artist. song ming ang is a Singapore-born artist based in London. He explores how music and sound interact with people in different contexts. he describes his artistic process as ‘half composer’ and ‘half improviser’. He came to Singapore in 2007 … Continue reading

Wrapped Traces | Mark Salvatus

Reported by Samuel Woo. Mark Salvatus is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Manila. He graduated Cum Laude at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design with a degree in Advertising Arts. He is also the co-founder of Pilipinas Street Plan, a community of street artists and urbanists and a core … Continue reading

Interventions | Leopold Kessler

Reported by Wei Tong Leopold Kessler is a German artist whose works focus on public space and involves strange acts that interacts with public facilities to point out gaps in everyday scenarios. During the Biennale, 3 videos that documented his interventions was displayed. One thing I found very special in Kessler’s interventions is their invisibilty. … Continue reading

Spring and Autumn(2004-10) | Shao Yinong and Mu Chen

Reported by Nicholas. Shao Yinong and Muchen, husband and wife, live and work in Beijing. Their work “Spring and Autumn” portraits the shifting political conditions, through a series of large-scale embroideries of obsolete currencies from different countries and periods. Their works reflect the cultural revolution in contemporary chinese society. The couple are well-known for their … Continue reading

Wrapped Traces,2007-ongoing | Mark salvatus

Reported by HillaryYap An Artist who goes around preserving the memories of any passer-by’s personal object.Wrapped Traces, begun at 2007 in South Korea continues in Barcelona,Manila,Bandung,Bangkok,Amman ,Kuala Lumpur and Singapore’s Singpore Art Museum at 8Q till today,2011.Mark Salvatus. Philosophy “Before Things end up solved and start to descend,lets call it a wrap destined to be … Continue reading

Untitled (A-Z without J) | Danh Vo

Reported by Jia Wen I initially felt that any object can be a form of art as long as it is presented nicely. However, upon researching on Danh Vo’s works, I realised that just by presenting them nicely is not enough to attract people. Danh Vo uses objects that can relate to his family history, … Continue reading

The Merlion Hotel | Tatzu Nishi

Reported by Tan Jing Wen Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi, he lives and works in Berlin and Tokyo. He attempts to make the encounter between an art object and its viewer a different, often surprising experience. He plays with public spaces transforming public monuments or sculptures into a temporary, mostly private usage. Rather than making art … Continue reading

That person’s work with single bedsheets | Matt Mullican

"Bedsheets and mixed media installation"

Reported by Ruwaida Singapore Biennale 2011 Matt Mullican has been experimenting with hypnosis  in his artistic practice since the late 1970s . It is a process that both informs and elucidates his practice, which moves fluidly across many different media including installation, drawing and performance. That person, the character that Mullican becomes in these trances, … Continue reading

Adinandra Belukar (2011) | Genevieve Chua

Reported by Priscilla Tan The title of the art piece in Singapore Biennale 2011 – Adinandra Belukar (2011) refers to the regrowth vegetation that occurs where primary forest had been cleared for development in Singapore for further developments where by the vegetation growth of small areas are neglected. Adinandra Belukar is a type of forest in Singapore, whereby … Continue reading

untitled(low sculpture) | Stuart Ringholt

Reported by Yuwen Stuart Ringholt is an Australian artist who regularly uses absurd humor in his performances, video works, collages, sculptures and book to work through problems. He explores the power of small gestures to make significant shifts in meaning. With simple means his Low Sculptures combine and transform ordinary household objects, creating an intimate … Continue reading

Artists in the News : Koh Nguang How

  Reported by Wee Lung Artists In The News, Koh Nguang How’s work, is an explosion of newspapers, of words and images, of facts and opinions. It’s, as everyone knows by now, three decades worth of art reportage (mainly visual arts) in the English and Chinese newspapers.You feel a sense of astonishment inside the space given at SAM 8Q . … Continue reading

Old Kallang Airport | Michael Lin

” I found a photo of the artist himself at the exhibition online!” Reported by Madeleine Yeo. I chose this artist as I felt that I could relate to the exhibition as he recreated a local hardware store. I was surprised when I read the write up for his exhibition. He actually purchased the entire … Continue reading

Factum | Candice Breitz

Reported by YangTing Candice Breitz conducted intensive interviews with 7 pairs of identical twins and a single set of triplets, from which she then edited 7 dual-channel and one single tri-channel, video installation. As the twin relate their stories, sharp-distinctions in their voices, attitudes, body language and their world-view become apparent. At times, they gravitate … Continue reading

A heartwarming feeling | Zhao Renhui

Reported by Wendy. Possibly the most intriguing work for me at the Art Stage. And by a Singaporean artist too. A heartwarming feeling indeed! 🙂 Text from Institute of Critical Zoologists: “On January 2008, I collaborated with the Yamshina Institute for Ornithology (a regional expert in bird banding) in an attempt to document this phenomenon … Continue reading


Reported by manwithmanybottleswhositsandstaresatthemwithavidfascination Aromascape of Singapore Maki Ueda (Japan) 5-16 Jan 2011 Glass Porch, Level 2, Singapore Art Museum (copied from Aromascape of Singapore post :)) Description of the exhibition: If the sense of smell is what drives and excites you, Aromascape of Singapore is right up your channel as a perpetrator. It is an … Continue reading

Untitled, Qiu ShiHua | Natee Utarit: After Painting

Reported by: Wu ZhongHua 1998/9, 180 x 360 cm, Oil on canvas, Sigg Collection These paintings is done by Qiu Shihua, a notable Chinese landscape painter, and the painting of Qiu’s was taking inspiration from his Taotist practices, these serene and clam landscapes are not figurative nation scenes, but rather respresentations of intense contemplation that … Continue reading

Untitled |Art stage

Reported by : Suah Wei Hong Date : 15JAN2011 From far it looks like Japanese national flag due to the strong contrast of red and white color.As looking closer into it,it is a tape that goes on and on,not knowing where,when and how it  ends ?


Reported by Vivian Lim. Exhibit: Aromascape of Singapore (Part of the Fringe Commission/World Premiere) Artist: Maki Ueda (Japan) Display Dates & Venue: 5-16 Jan 2011 at SAM. I went to this exhibit together with some of my classmates as research for our current studio project which is on the topic of ‘Air’. As it was … Continue reading

Pixcell Deer#17, Kohei Nawa | Trans-Cool Tokyo

Reported by Lee PeiQi This exhibit attracts the most attention when a person came into the exhibition hall- Level one at the Trans-Cool Tokyo Collection located in Singapore Art Museum at 8Q. This Exhibit is placed right at the entrance of the museum. Where no one is able to NOT see it when they open … Continue reading

Gerbera, Yoshihiro Suda| SAM at 8Q

Reported by Grace Singapore Art Museum at 8Q | Trans-Cool Tokyo Gerbera by Yoshihiro Suda Gerbera is situated in the room on the uppermost floor, curiously the last space in the whole exhibition if you follow its intended sequence. It is way out of view of the other exhibits, sitting silently, propped atop a fixture … Continue reading

Charcoal Arts,Bahk Seon Ghi(1966~,Korea) |Art Stage

  Artist: Bahk Seon Ghi (1966~, Korea) Gallery: Art Stage Singapore 2011 Date: 16 January 2011 Reported by: Bian Jing This designer used charcoal to make different structure like the suitcases structure. There was one that i am really impressed about was the one that he used charcoal pieces to make a structure of a … Continue reading

The Letters, Kwang-Ho, Cheong |Art Stage

Reported by Trixie  This is a brass sculpture named, The Letters by Kwang-Ho, Cheong, 2009. I came across this brass scupture when I visited the Art Stage exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands. When I saw this sculpture, the memories when doing a wire sculpture during my common foundation came to mind. At that moment I thought,’ … Continue reading

Very, very happy victims

Title: Very, very happy victims Artist: Agung Kurniawan Materials: Charcoal, conte, pastel on art paper, fixative Exhibited at Singapore Arts Museum Charcoal drawings that jump out at you: this is what the exhibition is. The artist has used the contrast of light and dark to his advantage. With the right amount, the drawings came to … Continue reading

Plastics City, Wu Chi-Tsung(Taiwan) |Art Stage

Artist : Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan) Gallery: TKG+ Place: Art Stage Sinagapore 2001 Date: 16 January 2011 Reported by Yiting. In this concept, the designer used plastic boxes of different shapes and sizes. From long to short, fat to skinny. And to enhance this design, all he did was to add in a light and its … Continue reading

Untitled, Zheng Fan Zhi | Art Stage

Reported by: Amirah Bte Rosli Artist: Zheng Fan Zhi Date: 15 January 2011 This art piece was done by an artist called Zheng Fan Zhi, who did it using oil on a canvas that measure 200cm x 400cm. As you can see this painting is made up of vines of different thickness and sizes. At … Continue reading